Dr. Blair Harff, Another Free Local Hotspot, Show or Hide Maps on eTrex Venture HC, Lockie Road/Scotch Settlement House Video

Dr. Blair Harff, Local Vet
Unfortunately we lost a great local person, Dr. Blair Harff. He was a kind and gentle and very knowledgeable local vet, cut down in middle age by an accident on his farm. He also helped local kids see their potential by working with them in a local hockey league, and he and his wife Nina ran a successful, caring veterinary clinic – The Animal Doctors.

Another Free Local Hotspot

I forgot an important one – the Flower Memorial Library. You have to ask the librarians for set up info, but this one’s free also.

Show or Hide Maps on eTrex Venture HC

While in Setup go into the Map setup screens and press the MENU button (bottom button on the side, left).

From here you can select which maps to display or not display. Pretty useful if you have overlaps.

Lockie Road/Scotch Settlement House

Some great old ruins in St. Lawrence County, off the Lockie Road in the Pleasant Lake Wildlife Area. Quite a find, and I spent a fair amount of time going over this old building and the surrounding area.

As you may or may not know I have a pretty popular site called ‘Old Abandoned Buildings of Northern NY’. Urban Exploration, Vadding, Reality Hacking, Psychogeography, whatever you want to call it – is a big concept now.

Personally, I’m not into the whole trespassing thing – I take the photos from public property or get permission from the owner if I take closer or interior shots.

Anyway, I got a bunch of great shots on my page for this building here. Even took lots of video. I plan on uploading my video to my storage site when I get the chance but for now here’s a video (great example of why not to use YouTube if you want good quality videos – the original is a nice quality and this is crap, once it’s uploaded to YouTube):


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