Random Bits & Bytes BlogThe Random Bits & Bytes Blog is about; well, everything and anything.  Whatever I happen to feel like writing about.

I know – some will say that I should concentrate on just one subject matter or category.  But this does not suit me, as just like this blog I am a person of many and varied interests.

You’ll find reviews, computer and tech advice, fitness and health and exercise info, biking and running info, travel postings, photos, trail reviews, maybe an occasional political or opinion piece, and possibly even a guest posting here and there, and plenty more.

For review normally the items I cover are things that I have bought personally.  No money is paid to review products, though very occasionally the products may be given to me for review and to keep, and most items that I link to also are affiliate links.  The ads here help pay for the hosting and affiliate links usually help me acquire items for review.  Please read the Privacy Policy and the Disclaimer for more info.

A little about me…  I am a middle-aged guy with, as I said above; a heck of a lot of differing interests.  Biking, the Internet, technology, movies, fitness, running and walking and hiking, science fiction, photography, graphics, WordPress, flying and aircraft, pets and animals, history, and much more.  I like to stay very fit but I don’t mind sitting at my computer for work and playing either.  I live in upstate New York (that’s far from New York City) in a rural area, yet close to a small city, with my beautiful awesome wife, a bunch of beloved cats and dogs and chickens in a very old multi-century house.


The blog runs on (always the newest version of) WordPress – the greatest blogging platform created, using the excellent and very customizable Cryout Creations’ Tempera Theme with some modifications, and relevant plugins.  And the host is Interserver.net.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or issues, or with suggestions.

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Marc at Remington Mill in Glen Park, New York. Photo taken by Tom B.

Marc at Remington Mill in Glen Park, New York. Photo taken by Tom B.



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