We Need Broadband

We’ve had our share of companies trying to cover our area with Wimax or other wireless services, none seem to have come through on more than a small-scale.

One company, Ridgeviewtel (who also have some deployments here in Jefferson County), has set up a petition/info form to map the location of those who don’t have access to broadband.

It’s an idea that I have been playing around with, but only for the local area. I thought that perhaps it would be of interest to local companies if the stimulus package can be used.

The link is – here and the FAQ is here.

Unfortunately (and probably for privacy reasons) there is no public access to the locations, and it seems more geared toward info for their company. But the more power to them if they can bring broadband to those in Jefferson County without it.

So click the link above and sign the petition if you’re in a rural area (anywhere in the US, not just here).

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