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So, here we are – 2023 and we seem to be seeing vast improvements in AI. It’s amazing, incredible…and terrifying.

And I write this coming from the viewpoint of a lifelong tech geek and embracer of new technology of all sorts. Technology does not terrify or scare me normally.  But the potential for immense world-changing good, as well as the potential for just as all-encompassing world-changing bad is right there in one technology.

I admit it; I use ChatGPT (sometimes heavily) for help in my work and my hobbies and for just general use (while keeping in mind that not everything is accurate or correct and must be double-checked).

ChatGPT sometimes can generate game-changing, (seemingly quasi-) creative, and time-saving data and work.

Other times it is dumb as a box of rocks.

So in the midst of all the controversy and concern and such, I thought it would be fun to have ChatGPT V4 generate a blog post on biking, all on its own, after the simple query “Can you write a bicycling blog post for me on new technology?”

I’m presenting this here, the text of which is unedited (except for a few links that I pointed to my affiliate links – gotta make a little coin here and there).

The post, as you will see, is written well (better than my grammar) and concise and well, you probably wouldn’t have known it was written by AI if I didn’t tell you.

I also asked it to suggest images to add, and that’s where things broke. Not one image was publicly accessible so I had to add comparable images myself. The exception is the ‘AI writing a blog post about biking’ image at the top of this post which was created from scratch by Bing Creator.

Enjoy and let me know what you think if you wish. But rest assured that this post is for entertainment purposes, and you will not find any other posts written by AI here – only me. So without further ado, the rest of the text of this post is ChatGPT generated.


New cycling technology to look out for in 2023

Cycling is a sport that never stands still. Every year, new innovations and developments emerge to make bikes faster, lighter, smarter and more comfortable. Whether you are a road racer, a mountain biker or a casual rider, there is always something new to get excited about. Here are some of the new cycling technology trends and predictions for 2023 that we think you should know about.

Electronic groupsets for everyone

Shimano 105 R7000 Di2 Groupset

Electronic groupsets have been around for a while, but they have mostly been reserved for the high-end bikes and riders. However, that is changing as the technology becomes more affordable and accessible. In 2022, Shimano launched its first electronic groupset at the third-tier level, 105 Di2, which offers smooth and precise shifting at a lower price point than Ultegra or Dura-Ace. SRAM also reduced the price of its second-tier Force AXS groupset, making it more competitive with Shimano. And we wouldn’t be surprised if SRAM brings its wireless eTap technology down to the fourth-tier level with Apex AXS in 2023.

Electronic groupsets offer many advantages over mechanical ones, such as better performance, easier maintenance, customizability and integration with other devices. They also allow for more creative and aerodynamic designs, such as integrated cockpits and hidden cables. If you haven’t tried an electronic groupset yet, 2023 might be the year to do so.

Aero road bikes will make a comeback


Aero road bikes have evolved significantly over the last few years, with a convergence of the aero and lightweight categories. Many bike brands have merged their aero and all-round models into one, such as Specialized with the Tarmac SL71, Giant with the Propel Advanced SL1 and Cervélo with the S51. These bikes aim to offer the best of both worlds: speed and efficiency on the flats and climbs.

However, with the relaxation of the UCI’s rules on frame design and the 3:1 ratio rule1, we expect to see some bike brands push the boundaries of aerodynamics again in 2023. We might see deeper head tubes, thinner seat posts, beefier bottom brackets and more radical shapes on some new aero road bikes. We also hope to see the return of some iconic models that have been discontinued, such as the Specialized Venge1 or the Trek Madone SLR1. Aero road bikes are not dead yet; they are just waiting for their comeback.

On-bike aerodynamic sensors


Speaking of aerodynamics, one of the most intriguing new cycling technology trends for 2023 is the emergence of on-bike aerodynamic sensors. These devices promise to measure your drag coefficient (CdA) in real time and display it on your bike computer or smartphone. This way, you can optimize your position, equipment and clothing to reduce your air resistance and save watts.

One of the pioneers of this technology is Notio1, a Canadian company that has developed a sensor that attaches to your handlebar and connects to your power meter, speed sensor and heart rate monitor. The Notio sensor uses artificial intelligence to calculate your CdA based on various inputs and factors. Another company that is working on this technology is AeroLab Tech1, which has created a sensor that mounts under your saddle and uses pressure sensors to measure your drag.

On-bike aerodynamic sensors are still in their early stages of development and testing, but they have already been used by some pro teams and riders, such as Israel Start-Up Nation and Chris Froome1. They could become more widely available and affordable in 2023, offering cyclists a new way to improve their performance and efficiency.

New mountain bikes with high-pivot suspension

dreadnaughtMountain biking is also a sport that constantly evolves and innovates. One of the new cycling technology trends for 2023 that we are excited about is the rise of high-pivot suspension systems on mountain bikes. High-pivot suspension is a design that places the main pivot point above the chain line, creating a rearward axle path that allows the wheel to move away from impacts. This results in better traction, stability and bump absorption.

High-pivot suspension has been used by some downhill bikes for years, such as the Commencal Supreme DH2 or the Norco Aurum HSP2However, in 2022 we saw some trail and enduro bikes adopt this design as well, such as the Forbidden Dreadnought2 or the Privateer 1412. These bikes use an idler pulley to manage the chain growth and pedal feedback that come with high-pivot suspension.

We expect to see more mountain bike brands experiment with high-pivot suspension in 2023, especially for longer-travel bikes that are designed for rough terrain. High-pivot suspension could offer a new level of performance and fun for mountain bikers who love to smash through rocks and roots.

Smart helmets with integrated lights and cameras

lumoshelmet_Helmets are not only essential for safety but also for convenience and entertainment. One of the new cycling technology trends for 2023 that we think will become more popular is smart helmets with integrated lights and cameras. These helmets offer multiple functions in one device, such as illumination, visibility, communication and recording.

One example of this technology is the Lumos Matrix helmet, which features a matrix of LED lights on the back that can display various patterns and animations. The helmet also has front lights, turn signals, brake lights and a remote control. Another example is the Sena R1 EVO helmet, which has built-in speakers and a microphone that allow you to listen to music, make phone calls or talk to other riders via Bluetooth intercom. The helmet also has an optional camera accessory that can record your rides.

Smart helmets with integrated lights and cameras could become more common in 2023, especially for urban cyclists who want to enhance their safety, visibility and enjoyment on the road.

These are some of the new cycling technology trends and predictions for 2023 that we are looking forward to seeing. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with our list? Do you have any other ideas or suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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