Spammers Defeat Gmail CAPTCHA, Recording Off an HD Tuner, A Flickr Pic

Another Google Trick

Another small Google trick (again, you can find lots of sites with these or figure them out using the Advanced search options in Google itself). Find all pages with a certain URL in the search. Example: inurl:view/index.shtml – searches only for pages with “view/index.shtml” in them.

Spammers Defeat Gmail CAPTCHA

It was bound to happen. After all, there’s some pretty advanced OCR software out there, so it was about time someone created something that could recognize text through any background. I think you’ll see this showing up to crack other CAPTHCHA registrations. Damn spammers.

Recording Off an HD Tuner

Surprisingly what they say is true – even if you record an HD program off an HD tuner onto a regular old-school analog VCR the picture is better. Of course, it’s not HD but it is better than off an analog tuner. Quite a bit in fact.

We haven’t quite decided what to do about recording things. But for now, probably until the Big Digital Switchover (cue the fanfare); we’ll probably stay with a VCR. We don’t want to pay every month for TIVO or the similar brand, or go through the trouble of setting up a computer with an HD tuner just to record HD. Why doesn’t someone make a standalone HD-capable digital recorder? Oh, yea, the whole digital copyright thing. Yea.

A Flickr Pic

The Internet is great, isn’t it? Especially blogs. If you don’t like what I’m saying you don’t have to read it. Or maybe you’re so fascinated or disgusted you can’t look away no matter what. Anyway, blogs are great, I can give you my totally amateur thoughts on a picture like the below.

Anyway…I still love, even though I don’t have a full account there now. But I can still upload lots of pics and look at other’s. In fact, I have two accounts – one for general pics and one to correspond to my OABONNY site. You can see my OABONNY pages here at Flickr. Also, if you do, check out my favs there.

Some great stuff on Flickr, some talented people have shared their photos.

Here’s one of my new favs (among many at both Flickr accounts). Have to share this, click it to see it larger:

Firstly, the title caught me. At first I wasn’t sure if it completely fits the photo but I now believe that it does.

The second thing that caught my mind’s eye was something that made me think of that commercial, you’ve probably seen it but not thought anything of it. I’m not sure what it’s advertising – maybe an allergy medicine or something like that. Hiking girl, top of a hill, looking out over the distance, the perspective turning 360 as your view swings around. Somehow, even though the are somewhat different, it reminds me of this shot.

Lastly, I think it’s an inspiring shot. Potential spread out before you, but with the occasional hardships along the way seen on the horizon.

You could even call it post-apocalyptic if you wanted to interpret it that way, no civilization as far as the eye can see.

Or maybe I’m just getting anxious for the summer.



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