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The guys over at were nice enough to send me one of their cases for the Google Nexus 7 to evaluate and review.

The one I’m reviewing here is the FlexiShield Wave Case for the Google Nexus 7, Black for $13.49.  You can find their full line of Nexus 7 cases at this link.

Oh, and by the way – if you sign up at the end of this posting you can take a chance on getting this Nexus 7 case for free.  I will randomly pick one person to receive this new (but slightly used) FlexiShield Wave Case sent to you in its original package.

FlexShield Wave Case from

Before opening the package for the FlexShield Wave Case from

Above is photo of the packaging and case before I carefully opened it.

Right off the bat I noticed that it’s nowhere near as large and bulky as, say, the Bobj Rugged Case I reviewed earlier in this post.

It was a simple matter to slide the Nexus into this FlexShield Wave case, yet once the edges are slipped in the case fits the tablet snugly and like a glove.  There’s no movement and in fact it looks like it is part of the tablet’s own shell, not a separate item.

In fact, after marveling at the case and it’s fit I wondered why Google didn’t include something like this as stock – most notably the slight raised edge around the outside of the screen that this case creates.  Something of a bumper for the touchscreen.  With this case you’ll get a nearly 360-degree protection (minus the touchscreen itself) for the Nexus.

The feel of the case is a grippy rubber feel, but completely firm.  Very similar to the casing of the Nexus itself.  But the long sides of the case have an extra cross-hatched grip for extra handy purchase when holding it.

There are of course cutouts for all of the peripheral connections – earphone, speakers, USB/power, volume buttons, and power button, microphones, etc.  And these are a PERFECT fit – there’s no jiggle or movement anywhere and the case seems to ‘grip’ the Nexus itself.

The term ‘second skin’ comes to mind here, and it’s a good description because that’s help it feels on the Nexus.

Unlike the Bobj Rugged Case the volume and power buttons are exposed; which makes for more ease in using them though perhaps less protection in a way.  But the nice thing is that the buttons are recessed with the case on, thus providing protection from them as well as preventing accidental pressing of these buttons if you handle the tablet often, or rotate it on your lap, etc. Also, for those with small fingers or accessibility problems the volume and power buttons would be much more easily accessible.

Here are some photos of the case installed on the Nexus;

You can see here how thin the case is, it doesn't add any noticeable bulk or weight to the tablet and feels like it's not even there.

You can see here how thin the case is, it doesn’t add any noticeable bulk or weight to the tablet and feels like it’s not even there, yet provides extra protection that the tablet didn’t have before.

Nice design on the back, extra grip on the side.

Nice modern design on the back, extra grip on the side.  Notice opening for speakers, earphones, and microphones.

Here's another view. very stream-lined.

Here’s another view. Very stream-lined (just like the Delta Flyer on the screen ;).

As you can see in the above pics the FlexiShield Wave Case for the Google Nexus 7 has a very modern contemporary design.  It looks good enough to take to a business meeting but high-tech enough to make your gaming friends want one too.

It also fit well in my existing folio case.

But the real test was daily use of it in my hands, as well as on my tablet stand.

And after using the FlexiShield Wave Case for a week I can tell you that it is a very nice case, it will protect your Nexus well but still let it keep its low-profile and sleek look.

I had no problem securely holding it and using it in my hands for long periods of time, and the case seems to be just as firm and tight around the edges as the first day I got it, even after putting it repeatedly into a shoulder case and pulling it out again.

And I do have to say it again – it’s like a second skin versus a protective case.  Very nice.

In conclusion; if you’re looking for a stylish modern case that fits your Nexus like a glove and provides good protection and a nice surface to hold onto then this is the Flexishield Wave case is the one for you.  It will protect your tablet from everyday bumps and bangs but if you need something extra heavy-duty you might want to take a look at MobileFun’s other cases too.


Would you like a FlexiShield Wave Case for the Google Nexus 7 yourself?  I am giving away the one I reviewed, in its original packaging.  Just fill out this short form and I will pick a winner when I receive at least 25 entries  (The case has been given away, thanks to all who entered)

FlexShield Wave Case from



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