Remodeling Delay, Rocketdock, California Wildfires and Natural Barriers, Very Old Coin

Remodeling – Blog Delay

Not much in the way of blog entries here for the last while. We’re taking some time to remodel the last full room we are going to do – the dining room.

Below are the entries I was working on before I start, the wildfire one is, of course, a bit out of date.


You guys with Mac’s have one thing that I really love – the program dock.

I tried a lot of dock programs for Windows – Sideslide, Rk_launcher, Objectdock, Mobydock, Y’z Dock, etc., and finally settled on Rocketdock. The website says “The single greatest piece of softwareand that’s not far from the truth.

It seems to take up the least amount of resources but has the most features I want. RK_launcher is very similar but uses slightly more resources, and doesn’t have as many options and abilities. Sideslide is rather unique, in that you can have a workspace or desktop right on it. This was the closest runner-up for me.

Rocketdock also uses Objectdock docklets, SysStats plug-ins, and is completely customizable and skinnable. I like using YAM and KKMenu on it – to access the Start Menu as well as storing installed program shortcuts without taking up resources by having them on the ol’ Windows Start Menu, but you can run any program or add-on, pretty much.

California Wildfires and Natural Barriers

Amazing about the wildfires in California, over 320,000 people at this point! Even incredibly dangerous tornadoes caused by the fires.

This is another case of humankind not being aware of the natural barriers to disaster. Another good example – the Army Corps of Engineers’ years of messing with the natural system in Louisiana, destroying much of it to the point that they made the flooding much, much worse than it could have been. There was a lot of blame to be had, from the president on down, but the ACE probably did the most damage over the years preceding the hurricane.

Old Coin, or Whatever It Is…

I thought I would post a pic of this old coin or medallion or button. My father found it out in his back yard when he first moved into his place many, many years ago. The emblem on it seems reminiscent of the Grange, Freemasons, Masons, etc. If anyone has any info we’d sure be interested.

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