Footbridge in Watertown #2, trail down to Black River, Kittens, Pool Table in an Aztek

Footbridge in Watertown, trail down to Black River, second post

Earlier this week I took my father to the doctor’s for a routine procedure, so afterwards we made another pass by the footbridge off from Eastern Boulevard. This time the gate was open (last weekend was the whitewater kayaking event, I believe).

The bridge itself has a fine sheen of discoloring (rust?) all over it. The “island” it leads to has a fenced in area where you can look over the Black River, the plant on the other side along with the old walls and base of the original Eastern Boulevard Bridge.

There’s also a (somewhat) steep walkway down to the rocks along the Black River.  Here’s my trails page about it, with some more pics.

Panorama from the stones. Taken with my Motorola Razr V3xx. A surprisingly good photo pano, taken with my cameraphone (forgot my Canon on this trip!).

The old bridge foundations.

The trail leading back up. Concreted stones. Nicely done, though maybe too steep for some people, probably slippery during wet times. More photos – my Flickr set.

Kittens are getting larger.

They’re wandering around, playing with every other animal and thing they can find, and are developing their own little personalities.

Pool Table in the Aztek

We’ve fit pretty much everything into our 20005 Pontiac Aztek Rally Edition. The seats come out which makes for a large space, it seems none of the newer SUV’s have seats that actually physically come out; just fold down.

Anyway, I didn’t think this would fit but it did – a full size pool table.


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