Audew Full Finger Armored Tactical Gloves with Non-Slip Palm & Touch Screen Design for Biking, Hiking, etc – Review

20201205_102731This is a review for the Audew Full Fingered Armored Gloves with Non-Slip Palm & Touch Screen Design for Biking, Hiking, etc.

If you read my blog regularly you might remember my review of the Audew Portable Hand/Pump/Bike Pump, which I liked quite well.  I use it regularly to top off air on my bike tires, and occasionally other things like filling up tires on my lawn tractor and even the car.

So I was excited to try out these armored gloves by Audew, both because I knew the item would be of good quality and also because I have been looking at similar gloves for mountain biking for a while now.  These aren’t specifically for mountain biking, but are made for general purpose outdoor and heavy use – biking, motorcycling, ATV’ing, hiking, and working outside.  

These may look familiar to you if you have ever watched military-style movies and tv shows as these gloves are very similar to those you see in movies and tv shows of that genre.  If you look closely you’ll even see similar ones in the new Dune Trailer (you’d think they would have “futured” them up a little at least).  Many, like these – come in full-fingered versions though there are fingerless types also, but for full protection you want to opt for these Audew full-fingered ones, I think.

You’ll find these gloves heavy-duty, with a formed and armored plastic knuckle guard, and plastic ‘pills’ guards on the upper part of the finger.  A non-slip non-skid leather palm reinforcing which extends up the base of the inner part of the finger a bit and up the inner part of the thumb, and reinforcement/touchscreen-friendly material over the bottom of the thumb and index finger and middle finger (good for gun use too).  To secure them on your hand for a good fit are cinchable wrist straps that go through a metal loop and use velcro to tighten, and another velcro tightening tab above that, toward the top of the hand, for a really good fit.  There’s even a loop on the back of each glove for easy drying.  Audew seemed to think of everything with these. 

While these are breathable they are warm enough for moderately cool temps, but they aren’t made for the winter.  I did bike in mid-30’s temps and they were fine as I was moving my hands a lot.  I’d love to see a winter version of these.

Previously I had explored a number of these gloves from various companies and many don’t have all of the features of these from Audew.

For example, the gloves allow you to use the touchscreen on a cellphone, and indeed these work nearly flawlessly for touchscreens.  As a test I stopped while out on my Specialized Pitch MTB in the middle of a muddy ride and used my phone while wearing these gloves, and even after having previously wiped out and getting spots of mud and dirt on the gloves I still was able to manipulate the phone’s touchscreen just fine.

In general the ability to manipulate any number of things, with finesse is excellent.  By far these are the absolute best gloves that I have ever owned when it comes to being able to work with things while wearing the gloves.  

Having grown up on a farm I could have used these an immeasurable number of times.  So many times when I was younger these would have been handy and useful when I needed to work on something in the freezing cold, sleet, freezing rain, mud, dirt, and/or any combination of these and had to take my gloves off and work with cold hands to do something.  With the Audew gloves, I was able to use my phone’s touchscreen, press the side buttons on the phone, press the button on my Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music watch (review here) and use its touchscreen, and press the buttons on the side and bottom of my Garmin Edge 520 Plus (review here).

I also was able to attach and detach the bungies when putting my MTB on the bike carrier, and even tie a knot in the strap of the carrier stabilizer – which was surprising to me.  Tying a knot while wearing gloves?  Quite easily done. 

But even more surprising is I was able to attach and detach the lanyard for my Garmin Edge 520 Plus.  If you read my review of this bike computer you’ll know that I use a 60-pound test leader line made of stainless steel coated with nylon as the safety lanyard, which has a small wire hook and clasp and sometimes can be a little tricky with no gloves on.  It definitely requires a high degree of dexterity and I was able to do it when wearing the gloves.

The Audew Full Fingered Armored Gloves come in two sizes; large and extra-large.  

In addition to biking I also tested the gloves with simple things like zipping up my jacket, tightening the squeeze buckle tightener on my insulated neck gaiter, and even putting up Xmas lights and also while driving and a few other everyday things I needed to do outside.

20201205_103305Needless to say, I am quite impressed with how easily I could work with things while wearing these.  I suppose it should not be surprising as these are modeled on military-style gloves, which were created to allow a person to fire and load weapons and work with various pieces of equipment, big and small, under the most severe conditions.  And like those gloves that these are a model of – the Audew gloves seem to excel at doing this job, and exceeded my personal expectations.

The fit on these gloves is quite good, and the velcro at the wrist, as well as the extra velcro tab inward from the wrist, really get a tight customized fit.  These can be tightened or loosened easily but don’t come undone while you are doing things.  On some things the ends of the velcro straps may not have velcro all of the way to the end, but these gloves do.

The armored plastic knuckle covers and plastic armored ‘pills’ over the upper fingers sure did their job; a few snaps from brush and full-out hits of the brush against my hands while mountain biking in close brush demonstrated this quickly.  Compared to regular gloves or none at all, the snapping of the limbs against my knuckles and hands were barely noticeable where normally it would have not been!

And the palm protection worked well after a spill that involved me sliding down a hill – the gloves were dirty but undamaged and I felt nothing painful against my hand.  I can’t vouch for going down on pavement or a harder and/or longer scrape against the palm but they worked well for protection on the steep hill I went down, the bike partially on top of me.

For normal everyday use like walking and driving these are very comfortable, possibly due to the multiple velcro adjustments.  In fact, you’ll probably barely notice you are wearing them until you need them.

They’re good for hiking too – whether it is as simple as grabbing a thorny branch to get it out of the way or gripping and scrambling up a hill of stone.

I have to say I really like these gloves and are quite impressed with their quality and usefulness.  Check ’em out – Audew Full Fingered Armored Gloves with Non-Slip Palm & Touch Screen Design for Biking, Hiking, etc.







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