Trim Endeavors Podcast Interview of Jen’s 225+ Pound Weight Loss

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In previous posts I have mentioned how a number of years ago my wife, Jennifer, and I started eating better, exercising, and losing weight.

Jennifer lost a tremendous amount of weight, 225+ pounds, all of it through diet and exercise.  She did have surgery to remove excess skin after the weight loss but the weight loss itself was totally her and her alone, no surgery or drugs or supplements.  After the weight loss surgery she started a blog (Jen’s Journey From PHAT to PHABULOUS) and has talked to many people about her journey, been asked many questions, and given advice to others who are doing the same.  A local newspaper even did a story about her weight loss (“Watertown Daily Times Article“).

And recently the website Trim Endeavors, a site created by Carlos Cabezas, did a podcast interview with her discussing her techniques, as well as advice and discussion on weight loss.  Carlos Cabezas is a certified personal trainer and fitness enthusiast and the website’s mission is to motivate, inspire and educate people who are trying to lose weight.

If you’d like to listen to the podcast interview you can either go to Mr. Cabezas’ website at Trim Endeavors and listen to or download the MP3 under Episode #4, download it to your IOS device on iTunes at, or listen to it online at this link  –

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