Totally Obligatory Cute Cat Picture Posting

Miles lives with us with his brother Neelix, sister Kes, and mother Janeway.  Janeway came to us one evening while we were watching a movie.  Someone had either dropped her off at our place or the barn down the road, or she had wandered to our place from elsewhere.  She was a friendly, affectionate cat immediately and, of course hungry and thirsty.  Before long we had decided to keep her but her belly continued to get larger and larger and before long we knew we had kittens on the way.  She had four of them and we managed to find a very good home for one of the females but we kept the rest.  They’re all great cat-members of our family now.

Miles, tired himself out after playing with roundabout toy and fell asleep on it.

Miles, after tiring himself out playing with the roundabout toy and fervently scratching the crap out of the cardboard center – he fell asleep on it.

Miles, asleep in the planter

A picture from last Summer – Miles, asleep in the planter (where he really shouldn’t be).  It was a hot Summer and he had found a cool place to sleep.

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