The Wild Animal Park, Chittenango, NY (Photo Album)

If you are in the New York State area or visiting New York State (and for those who don’t live here remember that New York State is more than just New York City!) check out the Wild Animal Park (zoo) in Chittenango, New York.

Personally, I always have mixed feelings about any zoo.  

On the one hand zoo’s are a great way for people to become aware of and possibly become more sympathetic to and even support animals that they normally would not see in person, especially those that are endangered.  

On the other hand – they are wild animals and they are in enclosures, so no matter how big the cages and enclosures are they are out of their natural habitat and in some cases restless.  

Anyway, the Wild Animal Park seems to be one of the better and well-maintained zoos that I have been to.  The staff seems to really care and take care of the animals, the enclosures, for the most part, are a good size and have lots of activities, and the overall experience is good for the visitor and probably is about as good for the animals as it can be. 

There is also the expected food, related trinkets, and kid’s rides and such, as well as a petting zoo sort of thing in a couple of places.  You’ll also find shows for some of the animal exhibits, which are quite nice.

Great place, highly recommended for adults and kids alike.  

The Wild Animal Park (zoo) in Chittenango, New York.


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