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(A note here – I started writing this entry quite some time ago, last year in fact, and it has sat in my blog’s DRAFT folder for quite some time.  Since then I’ve moved on to logging things in and and don’t use Fitocracy anymore, but since I went to the trouble …

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What a Great Day for a Bike Ride

Let’s face it – not a lot of us just stop what we’re doing and say to ourselves – “Hey, it’s great to be alive!” I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting more reflective in my middle-age, or because I’ve lost weight and I’m in the healthiest state I’ve ever been in my whole  so …

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Running & Biking in Cold Weather

Last winter (2011/2012) was a fairly mild one.  I biked and I also ran as much as I was able to, through almost the entire winter.  Of course, despite a milder winter I still had to really bundle up. So this year I plan on, and am doing, the same …

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