Spock (Our Cat, Not the Star Trek Character) Fetching a Dog Toy


Spock, our newest cat – is a small male, the smallest of a litter of kittens that showed up at our door with their mother.  Spock seemed to be the smartest and most affectionate so we kept him while finding good homes for the others and the mom.

He loves to fetch, as some of our other cats do, but in addition to fetching regular cat toys he is perfectly happy to also fetch dog toys – many of which are almost as big as he is.

Sometimes he just carries them around on his own, and even occasionally makes hiding places to store them among my folded up clothes in the closet, usually around a depression that he obviously has slept in, surrounded by dog toys.

Quick video here of the fetching.

(Click here for the YouTube Link just in case the above embedded video isn’t showing in your browser)

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