(Finding) Time to Exercise

Finding Time to Exercise

What about those people who can’t find time to exercise?  I hear it all the time: “I don’t have time to exercise.” “I would if I could find the time.” “I have kids and a job, there’s just no time to workout.” “My job keeps me pretty busy and then…

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Rose’s Trip To Cuba

Rose's Trip to Cuba

Below is a guest post by my sister, Rose, who recently went to Cuba as part of an educational trip.  I think you’ll enjoy her story and photos. Our daughter, Sarah, mentioned that she was going on an educational trip to Cuba and said “Mom, do you want to go?”…

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P90X vs. Insanity vs. P90X2 vs. T25 vs. P90X3

P90X vs. INsanity Vs. P90X2 vs. T25 vs. P90X3

I’m no fitness expert but I do work out often for health and fun and as a hobby, I try to keep in pretty good shape and be an all-around fit person; which involves working hard in various and varied areas of fitness.  And in my case it includes the…

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Seamlessly Adding a New Domain to an Existing WordPress Sub-domain/Sub-directory Installation, Domain name for Random Bits & Bytes Blog, Google Domains

Google Domain

I’ve meant to pick up a domain name for the Random Bits & Bytes Blog for quite some time but I just never got around to it until now.  And there certain are a lot of benefits for the blog to have its own domain name rather than having it…

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Review – gRUNola All Natural No-Preservative Granola/Energy Bar

This is pretty much the best of all worlds for me! I’m reviewing something that tastes good, is good for me, provides healthy energy when needed, and was created and is sold by a company right here in New York State. Can’t get much better than that. The item is…

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InfiniteWP – Manage All of Your WordPress Sites From One Panel

If you’re like me you may have so many WordPress sites that updating WordPress itself as well as it’s plugins, and themes becomes a huge chore. Back before blogs were used as websites, and even before blogs came along – if you had to update something on your website or…

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Trim Endeavors Podcast Interview of Jen’s 225+ Pound Weight Loss

  In previous posts I have mentioned how a number of years ago my wife, Jennifer, and I started eating better, exercising, and losing weight. Jennifer lost a tremendous amount of weight, 225+ pounds, all of it through diet and exercise.  She did have surgery to remove excess skin after…

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Fitocracy.com – The Fitness Social Network To Level Up In Real Life


(A note here – I started writing this entry quite some time ago, last year in fact, and it has sat in my blog’s DRAFT folder for quite some time.  Since then I’ve moved on to logging things in Weighttrainning.com and Runkeeper.com and don’t use Fitocracy anymore, but since I went to the trouble…

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