Review – Giant Horizon Helmet


Share this post: When I see people biking without a helmet it makes me cringe.  Even when I see the casual and slow bicyclists. Not that I don’t blame people for biking without a helmet.  They can be warm and some people think they feel awkward on their head, maybe some think …

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Spokerride For Life 2016


Share this post:When I was young I did a LOT of biking. Not like the biking I do now – nowadays where I have a great bike, perfectly adjusted and fitted to me, and where I ride with proper technique and cadence and train specifically to do better and maybe …

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Recycled Wood Bike Stand/Rack


Share this post: I wanted to make (or maybe buy) a bike rack for our most-utilized cycles, for convenience. For a bike stand for at least four bikes I decided I didn’t want to buy one as they are a bit pricey (and I’m kinda cheap), so I set out …

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Review – Kona Esatto Road Endurance Bike


Share this post: The day I bought my new Kona Esatto road bike was a bit bittersweet. The new bike (an Xmas gift from my wife) was, of course, the happy part.  But I also knew that I was going to be, at least partly, saying goodbye to my venerable Motobecane Mirage …

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Review – ISM Adamo Prologue Bicycle Seat


Share this post:  If you plan on riding your bike only once in a while and not very far, then what seat you use may not be that important. But anything more than ‘occasional’ and you probably find yourself wanting a good seat, possibly better than what came stock on …

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Zwift – Quick Review (During Trial Period)


Share this post:Every once in a while something really innovative and useful really does come along – sometimes as an evolution of many other ideas which are ingeniously innovated into one cohesive concept.  And like a good percentage of these really good new ideas that come along you may sometimes …

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Magnet Steel Bike Trainer Review / My First Time with a Bike Trainer


Share this post:This review is about the Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand as sold on Amazon and other places around the Internet, as well as a bit about my first experiences with using a bike trainer in general. I’ve been interested in biking since I first learned to …

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Review – Scosche RHYTHM Bluetooth Speed/Cadence Sensor (and Mini-Review of the Wahoo Fitness App)


Share this post:This is a review of the Scosche Rhythm Bluetooth Speed/Cadence Sensor but you’ll find some useful info (and mini-review I suppose) on the Wahoo Fitness app here too. After I decided to get myself a bike trainer (see my review of the Magnet Steel bike trainer here) I found that …

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Review – Velo Wide: Channel M Bicycle Seat


Share this post:I really like my Planet Bike 5020 Men’s Anatomic Relief  gel bike seat and it quickly became my primary saddle, I’ve put thousands of miles on it with an older bike, my newer road bike, and an older mountain bike and then a new mountain bike.  Its great; allowing relief, …

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Review – Les Mills Combat


Share this post: Previous to a few years ago I had not been much interested in any of the Martial Arts – that was until I started doing P90X (see my review of P90X vs Insanity vs P90X2 vs T25 vs P90CX3 here).  I found Kenpo X (or Kempo, depending on …

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